Sowa Rigpa Institute and its sister organization Pure Land Farms maintain this website, any courses offered, and other linked and related sites such as Pure Land Farms, Sky Press, and Dr Nida (collectively: the “Site”) for the use of its students and other Site users (“Users”) upon agreement to the following terms. Please read the terms carefully before using the Site and/or enrolling in courses. Use of this website and course enrollment indicates acceptance of these “Terms of Use” and forms a binding agreement between you and Sowa Rigpa Institute and Pure Land Farms. If you do not agree to these terms and to abide by the requested etiquette, do not use this Site and do not enroll in courses.

1. Use of Site

Sowa Rigpa Institute provides various materials, information, quizzes, tests, questions, articles, links, news and other information on this and related sites and in courses offered through this site (the “Materials”). Sowa Rigpa Institute authorizes each User to view and when downloading is made available, to download one copy of Materials. Some Materials may be available View Only for reference use in the course. Downloadable Materials may be downloaded and a maximum of one copy of the Materials may be printed for personal use, provided that Users make no modifications to the Materials and you retain all copyright and other proprietary notices contained in the original Materials on any copies of the Materials. Users may not modify the Materials at this Site in any way or reproduce, share, or distribute them. Users will keep all Materials confidential, and will not sell, auction, loan, rent, give away, describe, summarize, or otherwise reveal the Materials or their contents, to any other person or entity. Any breach of these Terms of Use automatically terminates your authorized use of the Site.

2. Classroom Etiquette, Confidentiality, and Reciprocal Respect of Peers, Faculty and Staff

We aspire to cultivate an inclusive, diverse, and welcoming learning environment where students, instructors, and staff are mutually respectful and kind. If you experience any inappropriate behavior from a fellow student, or experience any other types of issues including technical difficulties, please contact to receive assistance and resolve the issue.

Please respect the personal boundaries of your peers, faculty, and staff and communicate all course-related matters and questions through the course platform and official emails, and/or when available, conference sessions you may book online by appointment during faculty and staff office hours.

Whether enrolled in a Live Webinar course or watching recordings, please understand that students' personal information, classroom participation, and course-related comments, images and media shared in forum discussions, comments and emails is to be kept confidential, held with care and respect, and is only presented for internal circulation within the cohort of enrolled students' learning experience, and not to be shared with, disclosed to, or described to others outside the cohort in any way, whether in recorded form or anecdotal reportage.

Please also refrain from giving unsolicited advice, or sharing other authors' and institutions' copyrighted materials you do not have express permission to share, and always credit your sources. Please realize that within our international student cohort, students' local regulations around the practice of medicine and therapies and the sharing and distribution of advice and materia medica will vary. Please note that legal regulation of the medical and healing professions in many places requires within a professional cohort a deference to the definitive opinion of the professionals with the most extensive training and licensure; please accurately represent your own credentials.

3. Understanding and Consent: Live Webinar Courses

When participating in a live webinar course, you hereby grant permission to Sowa Rigpa Institute, Pure Land Farms, and representatives to photograph and video you, and otherwise capture your image, and to make recordings of your voice, if you participate in class discussion or demonstrations. You may also opt out of appearing on camera while participating, or opt out of any class participation if called upon by the teacher: kindly simply state you do not wish to participate in the moment. You understand that the live webinars, including all student participation, are recorded to be subsequently viewable by all enrolled students. You hereby waive any right to inspect or approve the use of the recordings. You hereby release, defend, indemnify and hold harmless Sowa Rigpa Institute and Pure Land Farms, its officers, employees, or agents from and against any claims, damages or liability arising from or related to the use of the images, recordings or materials, including but not limited to claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, or rights of publicity or copyright infringement. You are 18 years of age or older, and are competent to contract in your own name.

4. Technical Requirements

Before attending webinars, you will need to make a free Zoom account, which you can sign up for here :

Kindly familiarize yourself with the course platform and the Zoom platform before the first day of class. In the event you do not understand how to navigate them, you may receive assistance by emailing

We strongly encourage you to have access to a reliable computer with a strong internet connection. While it is possible to access our online courses on your mobile or tablet device, it is easiest to participate in discussions and complete assignments on a laptop or desktop computer.

Please install on your computer the most recent version of the common browser of your choice: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox.

A secure, stable internet connection is:

You may test your internet speed here:

5. Course Access

Most courses have an automatic setting for one year of access, which can be extended if needed by emailing Occasionally, teachers request that students have shorter access times to materials; check the individual course’s informational page.

All live classes and events are recorded, and participants have access to recordings on the course platform (view only, not downloadable).

6. Cancellation Policy

If you enroll in a live (synchronous) class or program and subsequently realize that it isn’t a good fit for you, here are our refund policies:

If you enroll in a self-paced class or program and subsequently realize that it isn’t a good fit for you:

7. Effective Date and Updates

The Terms are effective as of 1 December 2020 and are subject to change without notice by Sowa Rigpa Institute at any time. Please check for changes regularly. Your use of this Site after such changes constitutes your agreement to such changes.

We are glad you can join us! If you have any questions or concerns, kindly contact us at