Sowa Rigpa Root Tantra Review

Eight Week Online Course with Dr. Nyima Tsering

Self-paced course in 8 recordings

Pre-requisites to attend this course:

Sowa Rigpa: The Foundations Part One as offered in the first year of study for SRI's Practitioner and Counselor programs


Prior training in Root Tantra with another Sorig Khang International Center or Tibetan Medicine Institution


Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Course Overview & Welcome

    • Classroom Etiquette and Technical Requirements

    • How to Use this Online Learning Platform (PDF)

    • How to Use this Learning Platform (Video)

  • 2


    • Course Texts

    • Root Tantra by Dharamsala Mentseekhang (Reference only, not downloadable)

    • Course Slides

  • 3


    • Session One

    • Session Two

    • Session Three

    • Session Four

    • Session Five

    • Session Six

    • Session Seven

    • Session Eight

Your Instructor

Dr. Nyima Tsering

Dr. Nyima Tsering graduated from Men Tsee Khang Institute, India, by achieving ‘Kachup Degree’. Prior to joining Men Tsee Khang Institute, he studied Buddhist Philosophy and Dialect at Institute of Buddhist Dialectic for three years. During his tenure as Sowa Rigpa Medical Student, he attended three years successful classes of Unity in Duality, to enhance the inner knowledge of Eastern Inner Science of Mind and Phenomena and its Application organized Tarab Institute. ( Dr. Nyima Tsering is one of the founding members of the Sowa Rigpa International College at Kathmandu in Nepal, under the affiliation of Lumbini Buddhist University.  At present, he is serving as the Principal of the same college besides being the chief Physician of Kunphen Tibetan Medical Centre at Kathmandu, Nepal. He is visiting faculty at Osaka Chinese Medical Practitioners, Japan. And given many presentation at various national and international seminar and workshops. During the misfortune disaster time of Earthquake in 2015, Dr. Nyima Tsering took active initiative in providing Free Medical Camps in and around remote areas of Kathmandu.